What kind of tea is made in India?

You will see black, oolong, green and white teas from India. There are also specialty teas like purple tea and pu-ehr, which rarely show up in Indian production. Certain conditions are necessary to produce tea that has specific characteristics. The tea flavor and character are the result of an intentional process. 

Where can I try these teas?

Come to Janam Tea at Garfunkel's in NYC! None of our teas are blended, so that you may experience the range of lush teas as they are designed to be: in their absolute purest form. We'll serve black, green, oolong and white, as seasonally available. Our tea selection changes all the time; appreciate what you have while you have it. Once they're gone, they're gone forever! 

My photos

I've taken all these photos myself over the course of multiple trips to India. Enjoy! -Amy

Rohini Tea Estate in Darjeeling. Darjeeling is an area of India, not a flavor as some may think. It's a town which translates to "Land of the Thunderbolt". The short harvest season, the particular flavors and altitude make teas from this area unlike others anywhere else in the world. This area produces Orthodox tea, which just means long leaf. CTC is the opposite, that means Cut, Tear and Curl and makes the kind of tea typified by "English Breakfast".

With tea, size matters! Tea is sifted through different sizes of mesh so that the particles remain uniform. This is for CTC type tea, the rich, malty delicious tea you can put milk and sugar in and is the perfect base for Masala Chai.


Other tea photos

Gorgeous Tea Cups from Hong Kong

There is actually a tea museum in Hong Kong and I had tea there! Look at these delicate cups. I had Chinese Oolong and it was great.

What Tea leaves look like

Fresh tea leaves arriving at the factory at Gayaganga in the Terai district, just south of Darjeeling. These leaves can make black, oolong or green tea. For White Tea, only the buds are plucked and here you can see lots of larger leaves, so you know this isn't for White Tea production.


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My first Afternoon Tea

I did some experimenting prior to launching the Afternoon Tea idea at Garfunkel's. It was so fun. Everyone loved the Curry Mango Chicken Tarts. For the Velvet Tea, they'll be a little smaller.

How Green Tea is made

Green tea is made by steaming fresh leaves to stop them from oxidizing. Just like an apple turns brown after it's cut open, so too happens with tea. That's what makes black tea black! To keep it green, high heat is needed and in this case, the leaves are steamed.