2/25/19 Baby Shower

I want to thank you again for what one guest called "a smashing success!"-- plus I've gotten lots of other great feedback including "the best baby shower I've ever been to."

My daughter said it was "perfect" and all her friends absolutely loved it. And, thank you so much for your talk.  It really enhanced the whole experience and set the stage for the tea.  And it was great that you described not only the tea, but the food, as well.  My friend next to me reminded me that "Amy said to eat the salmon first" and the reasoning behind it. The food was really delicious and the tea amazing - I heard lots of very appreciative comments.

You took care of everything!  I must admit before the shower, I was a little anxious for everything from the weather, to the coats, to the seating, and how you by yourself or even with a little help could possibly manage the tea/food preparation and the serving for all 25 guests. You executed flawlessly.

It was a memorable and magnificent event!

Many, many thanks!!