Career in tea: Indian Tea 102: Tuesdays 6-8p


Career in tea: Indian Tea 102: Tuesdays 6-8p


Week One: Styles of Manufacture

Week Two: Cultivation & Tea Husbandry

Week Three: The Business of Tea

Week Four: Certifications

Week Five: History: An Empire of Drugs and Deception

Week Six: Tasting Techniques

Week Seven: What is it like to work on a Garden?

Week Eight: Environmental impact

Week Nine: Export Logistics

Week Ten: Now what? Opportunities in the Tea Industry

Final Field Trip!


Understand how tea in India is made

Factors impacting flavor

Ability to taste Indian teas and have more sophisticated palate for discussing flavor notes

Exposure to the ways in which developing a tea business impacts tea garden life

How to grow a business with intention on sustainability for both the environment and dedication to flavory teas

Clarity around how to get tea imported and labeled properly

A deeper understanding of how young the industry is and the history of where India fits in the scheme of tea as a commodity

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