We've launched! Afternoon Tea at Garfunkel's is ON!

We've launched! Afternoon Tea at Garfunkel's is ON!

It has been an absolute pleasure pulling together all the little pieces needed to make the Afternoon Tea come alive. I get a chance to do all the things I love: cook, shop, taste, design, and make people happy. October 29th was the first day that I had paying customers and let me tell you, that was the greatest feeling ever. 

Eight years ago, when I closed my store to the economic downturn, I didn't imagine that I would ever be able to get back to a place where I can be making money doing what I love. It sounds extreme, but that is how it felt.

Now that everything is in order, the venue is gorgeous, the food is vetted, the teas are fabulous-all I need to do is promote. It's a scary thing to put myself out there again, but I'm 100% confident that this is going to be fabulous. 

Hopefully soon, we can start doing live music! All suggestions are welcomed. :)

Photos are some friends. Thanks for being here, Sledge, Deb and Bowdy!

Creating the ultimate Afternoon Tea

Creating the ultimate Afternoon Tea

Tea is infinitely fascinating. Or, at least it is to me. It's a sensual delight; the tea fields, dried tea, brewed tea, the aroma, color, flavor - a cacophany of characteristics. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy a cup of tea and the truth is, you can never really have the same cup twice. Of any tea. The experiences you can have with tea vary as does every day of your life. That said, a few basics can really help you enjoy tea more. One basic principle: Tea is more enjoyable with treats. History has proven this as a fact.

The Ultimate Afternoon Tea is one where every detail is accounted for. Temperature of the room, consistency of the cake, the brewing of the tea and quality of butter. It's something of an art to put on an Afternoon Tea and it's always fun to see what the chef has come up with. 

In the case of mine, it's truly a curation - kind of like performance art. I've picked out every single plate. Decided on the brand of mustard. Tried 5 kinds of bread before choosing one that's just right for your sandwich. I've tested and perfected my lemon curd using a few different types of lemons and I've traveled far and wide to bring you the best tea. Heck, even the language we use is all by design. The above photo was a test run at my friend Seth's house. He let me cook and serve his guests and they gave me feedback, so I know the sandwiches will really wow you.

The Afternoon Tea at Garfunkel's has been great fun to put together and I do hope you'll come enjoy every last detail. 

A little history...

A little history...

I started Janam Tea back in 2004 after spending 6 months in India learning about tea. Here's a picture of me at my first tea garden smelling freshly plucked tea leaves in Assam in 2002.


From there, I opened the Western Hemisphere's first tea shop dedicated to single-origin Indian teas in 2005. Here's a photo of my shop.

When the economy crashed in 2008, I had to close and did a bit of soul-searching in Portland, Oregon for a few years. If you're going to do it, Portland's a pretty good spot for it. Probably spent a bit of time playing pool. It wasn't an easy time.

2016-01-18 21.25.06.jpg

Point is, I had to figure out what I was going to do next, so I moved back to NYC and have found the most delightful Speakeasy called Garfunkel's to partner with so people can start enjoying the teas that I procured from India for them. In fact, I spent 5 weeks in the Spring of 2015 to procure some new teas for the Velvet Afternoon Tea experience, which is slated to open in October, 2016 with a new crop of fresh teas sent over directly from the gardens.

Photo of Rohini Tea Estate in Darjeeling that I took during my trip back in 2015. I LOVE India and I LOVE being in the gardens.

Here's a photo of where you can enjoy these handmade teas with me! Garfunkel's Speakeasy, 67 Clinton Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10002. 

Please join me in starting this new chapter of Janam! Click here to make a reservation. Hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 12p-5p. Last seating at 3:45p. See you soon!