When it comes to Afternoon Tea, sweets are a big part of that. It's important that they are all different, colorful, harmonious with one another and are artistic in presentation. 

On the menu, at first, was a brownie, cut with an oval cookie cutter and the initial of its intended consumer creatively drawn on top with cardamom peanut butter piping, a 'thumbprint' shortbread cookie with candied pistachio in honey, lemon curd tarts and a coffee pudding topped with dark chocolate cookie crumbs. All of it required research. I outsourced the brownie and cookie baking to a local bakery and same with the coffee pudding. Asserting that I'm not a pastry chef (not a chef, but I'm practically made out of pastry), I thought I couldn't possibly make these things in-house.

I decided to experiment and you know what? Coffee pudding with tea tastes horrible. Outsourcing baked goods is expensive. Piping people's initials on each brownie is a little ridiculous. So, as it stands now, I have a blueberry danish (which I outsource, but it's SO good), lemon curd tarts (the curd is housemate and it's possible that I can also make the crust. We'll see about this), chocolate puddings layered with strawberry and a cookie make by Roo's Dough Co., which is visually a little too rustic, but incredibly delicious. I do want to bring back the shortbread, but feel I'd likely have to make this myself as well. 

Designing Afternoon Tea is very tricky and of course, time-consuming, but that's the experience people are paying for. The dessert selection will grow and evolve. Suggestions are always appreciated!