So what's the difference between making world-class tea and a crappy teabag you pull out of your drawer at work? Surprisingly, not much! The key is to not microwave your water and to freshly boil it. Microwaving water depletes it of oxygen, which is what gives tea it's flavor.

Next, if you can use filtered water, all the better! 

So what do you need? A cup, freshly boiled water and your tea. With a teabag, you put one in and dip it, right? With premium, loose-leaf tea, just use two fingers and pinch out what looks like a teaspoon, being careful not to break the leaves. Eyeballing it is okay and here's why: there is zero consistent science to tea. You can never have the same cup twice! It's important to see each cup of tea as a creation unto itself. Sometimes you'll like it, sometimes you may not for various reasons. Constantly exploring and treating each cup as it's own unique drink will help you appreciate top-caliber tea!

Once the tea is in the water, it needs usually 4-5 minute of brew time and you can stir as much as you like. Stirring helps the leaves to open, but if you want to get multiple steeps out of the tea, stir less. Again, no science, all art. That's it! The leaves will sink to the bottom and you can drink the tea. No messing around with a drippy, sub-optimal teabag! 

Sit back and appreciate the aroma. Try to identify if it smells fruity, woodsy, caramelly, etc. This is the fun! It's so easy to make tea, put it in the cup, cover with just-boiled water. Stir. Wait. Drink. Easy!