Believe it or not, I've never been to the World Tea Expo! It used to be called 'Take me to Tea' and I remember hearing about it, but as anyone who has ever started a business on their own can attest, going to industry events is sometimes just about impossible. I say just about because nothing is impossible, but...priorities!

Anyhow, it was absolutely amazing to be amongst my fellow tea-tribe members. A group I had long sought out, yet was right in front of my face. There was so much to learn about Chinese, Japanese and Sri Lankan teas. While I'm aware that tea is grown in more than 50 countries, it doesn't mean I've tried it all, nor is it always easily attainable. 

The show was so enlightening and I came away with many new friends. What did seem apparent is that there aren't many in the industry like me - whose passion for Indian tea matches their expertise in marketing and that a focus on curating a tea experience is relatively rare. 

Well, I cam home with a LOT of tea. If you're in NYC and come to Afternoon Tea at, ask for some tea out of my 'secret stash'. I'll also start posting my reviews!