There is a cultural imperative to have a work-life balance. The 4-day work week is touted as being the 'answer'; people want to have money for their lives, but don't actually want to work set hours. What are people doing with all this time that's freed up by canning the 9-5? It's obvious that relationships and spending time doing things you love with people you love is the most important thing in the world.

This is why the concept of Afternoon Tea is so vital to getting your fill of phone-down quality time, to connecting in a meaningful way with people you care about. To shutting the world out and taking a mental stay-cation. Afternoon tea can have the same kind of transporting effect as reading a book. Or running. Or going on a Netflix bender. But much more delicious and ultimately satisfying because it's so much more than just tea. It's about being delighted by small details, by new flavors, by learning something new about the people you care about the most. Why not make a celebration out of your day? We'd love to have you! To book a reservation, go to the reservations page! See you soon.