Afternoon Tea really just translates into quality time. Getting to know someone, whether you've known them for years or minutes. The two gentlemen pictured here were introduced not 20 minutes before and ended up having a fascinating, intense 3 hour conversation about everything under the sun. They entered as strangers and left as old friends. Afternoon Tea was the common thread, though they quickly found that they had many things in common. This is special! Their new friendship is both meaningful and memorable to them.

Stop and think about it. When was the last time you started a 3 hour conversation with a perfect stranger? If your answer is recently, then having Afternoon Tea at Garfunkel's is a natural fit. If not-would you try it? Would you let me introduce you to someone you didn't know? Would you drop pre-conceived notions, fear and your phone for long enough to learn something new? 

There is brilliance all around and it's my feeling that tea provides a good a foundation as any to start seeing it. I am so grateful to have a space not just to showcase fantastic single-estate Indian teas, but to really connect with people in a profound way and contribute to a positive collective experience.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!